Our secure Software as a Service gives customers the ability to buy scalable software services when they need it but more importantly turn it off when they don’t need it*. We offer our customers an opportunity to utilise key applications without the heavy investment or expensive overhead of licensing and service management.

Offering traditional Office based software suites as well as innovative SaaS capabilities, we wrap our services in a scalable, agile and secure framework. By doing so, we give our customers the ability to scale their software capability to meet their needs at that specific time and point.

Our SaaS delivery ensures business critical applications are deployed securely, whilst offering a scalable and cost-effective opex model. We believe in providing a viable alternative to traditional in-house or hosted applications. Of course, adopting a SaaS model for your key applications is daunting, by ensuring we manage the end-to-end software life cycle we manage and deliver SaaS access from the moment its an idea through to decommissioning and off-boarding.

Why tolomy™?

* Contract terms may apply to bespoke or tailored software solutions where an investment is required by tolomy.